Be on the side of humanity

What I brought away with me from the field in Tunisia have so many thoughts and emotions, perhaps of little ‘confused, I’d rather not reorder because I like to remember it as well as Tunisia, a bit’ confused, a bit ‘contradictory.
I will never forget the scents and colors of the markets of Tunis and Sousse.
The jasmine and the kindness of the people.
The welcome of the Sisters of Tunis and those of Sousse.
Joy, long-awaited, finally to put the foot, for the first time in an Arab country and the beauty of the language.
The desire to stay and start again.
The Cathedral of Tunis and our Church of Sousse.
The debate, the opportunity to hear other perspectives, those of the Tunisian youth and adults on topics of all kinds, from the most mundane topics policy and immigration.
The beauty of a country finally young, who want to keep changing, from below.
My companions and fellow adventurers and the French group.
The extraordinary nature of the trust. The trust of Muslim parents who leave their children grow up in a Christian elementary school.
The beauty of ignorance. Starting thinking you know a lot about Arab-Muslim world and Tunisia, and discover every day things sconoscevo existence, having finally understood the meaning of many things and confirmed the significance of others.
The smiles of the children and their commitment to school, in Sousse, where we volunteered. I think I left them something, a few more words of English and Italian in their vocabulary, a few laughs between games and songs. But it is nothing compared to what I have given them a “goods”, being called the “teacher” in the knowledge that they counted on us, voluntarily, to solve their little doubt, their progress and their smiles I They have left an indescribable joy of the heart that I carry with me.
This field was a fantastic experience and a gift that I will cherish forever in my heart as a lesson to be applied each day. There is no day when I am sad and not think of the voice of the children sing “the song of happiness”; days when I’m tired and do not think of the Sisters of Sousse and give their all to the other without ever getting tired and asking nothing in return except our presence; days when the difficulties seem insurmountable and do not think of father Jawad and his joy in facing life, days when commitments become many and fear grows and not think of the young association Arselan of Sousse and after the revolution Jasmine can finally commit and do it voluntarily.
Beyond the sea it is to choose to be on the side of humanity, choose not to be indifferent, to look beyond their own points of view and choose to meet.

Tiziana Fantucchio
Caritas volunteer who was in the field of volunteering and training in Tunisia “Beyond the Sea” in August 2014