Earthquake Catania/Acireale – Day of Prayer and Solidarity – 17 February

The Churches of Sicily express their closeness and solidarity to the two Churches of Catania and Acireale for the consequences suffered because of the recent earthquake. Many families have been turned away from their homes and many schools, buildings of worship, canons and oratories have been damaged, while as a result of the floods, many farmers have suffered extensive damage.

The Bishops of Sicily, now, invite the Sicilian communities to express their closeness in a day of prayer during which they will also could offer an economical contribution to help repair the damages suffered.
Also in our Archdiocese, by the Archbishop’s disposal, all the parishes will be invited, on Sunday 17 February, to raise awareness among the faithful on this theme, inviting them to express their closeness to the brothers of the Dioceses of Catania and Acireale, both with the prayer and by allocating the Sunday collection to their support.

Emergencies such as these invite us to reflect on ecclesial communion, leading us to embrace the suffering of our sister communities and to manifest our closeness to them.
In order to be able to proceed with a single diocesan payment in favor of CESi, the sums collected must then be sent to the Economer of our Archdiocese.

In the Italian version of the site you can find the correct procedures for payments.