Nepal earthquake, Caritas intervention

After one month are more than 8,000 confirmed dead and over 20,000 injured in the earthquake of magnitude 7.9 that 25 April 2015 has devastated Nepal and which had its epicenter in the capital Kathmandu and Pokhara city, and subsequent severe shock. Also the highest number of missing under the rubble in an area by the high density of population and where the buildings are often dilapidated. Even in countries surrounding the strong aftershocks were felt in a distinct way. On May 12, another strong earthquake has affected the entire country and causing more dozens of victims and more than 2,000 injured. The quake was felt directly in the capital, forcing people to leave the building and find shelter in open spaces.
In this context the family of Caritas works collectively and under the leadership of Caritas Nepal to reach some of the worst affected areas. The Caritas network plans to support the end of June 175,000 people with shelter kits, water and sanitation, required especially in the seven most affected districts. To date, the Caritas network has reached nearly 140,000 people with interventions for 10 million euro, providing basic shelter, food and water supplies as well as hygiene equipment. More 2,600 people received medical and psychological assistance. “The emergency aid is not enough. Nepal is unrecognizable after the earthquake, “said Bank Ki Moon to the General Assembly of the United Nations, to stress the tragic event that hit Nepal, a country already ‘poor and weak in its infrastructure.
Caritas Nepal since the beginning of the emergency has started distributing:
– Kit for temporary housing: tarpaulins, ropes, mats, blankets;
– Kits of non-food necessities (solar energy lamps, jerry cans, buckets, pots and kitchen utensils);
– Water purification tablets;
– Hygiene kits.
The project is aimed at families whose homes have collapsed or have been severely damaged, with priority for the most vulnerable such as female-headed households, unaccompanied minors and disabled.